Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Royal advice

"A neatly cut beard is of enormous importance in life, believe me. It produces an extraordinary effect. Look at me. I have my beard cut regularly twice a week and I am certain that a great deal of my popularity is due to it."

According to the New York Times (May 17, 1903), King Edward VII (Queen Victoria's son -- Queen Elizabeth's great grandfather) gave this advice to Sir Edmond Monson. Monson took the king's advice and then rose to the "top of his profession" becoming Ambassador to Paris.

I don't necessarily agree with the king, since I think there is more to grooming than cutting. I would substitute the word "groomed" for "cut" in the above quote.


At November 10, 2007 5:14 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

Agreed. After all, I believe that a great deal of our popularity is due to the fact that we don't trim.

At November 14, 2007 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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