Friday, May 26, 2006


The New York City Beard and Moustache Championships held on May 16 were a huge success.

The overall winner was Heinz Christophel who came in from Germany for the event and also won the freestyle category. Jack Passion took top honors in the full beard natural category, while Tom Vu of New York won the moustache division.

Contestants and fans drank PBR, watched the Splitting Hairs trailer, and strutted their stuff while Jon Friedman hosted. Other BTUSA stars who competed included Dennis Dickerson (General of the new Army of Northern Virginia), fellow Virginian Scott Neas, and Olympia, Washington's own Burke Kenny.

Judges included 2003 Musketeer world champ Gary Johnson, Garibaldi-sporting Frank Madera (3rd place at the 2005 WBMC in Berlin), Julie (who was dragged from the audience to provide the female perspective), and Phil Olsen, the reluctant protagonist from Splitting Hairs.

You can read more about the championships here: For a cool video of the event, check out